About Us

As our path lead us to opening our cleaning business, we realized how important it is to incorporate the well being of our clients, ourselves and the environment into our business plan. Of course, cleaning in itself is a big factor. Just dusting alone minimizes the build up of allergens. We wanted to take it further than just tidying up for our clients. We wanted it to be more than just clean. After doing our research, we came across the perfect solution for healthier cleaning and using natural cleaners. We decided to only use products made from our earth’s resources…tea tree oil, lemon, thyme, and essential oils…so you can have a clean home and peace of mind too. Please check out some of the stuff we’ve learned by clicking the links to the tips pages located above. We’re CONSTANTLY looking for new ideas on healthy cleaning. You might be surprised by how easy it is to steer clear of the toxic chemicals AND you might also get a laugh.

Remember, a cleaner world starts in your home, naturally. 

Visit our website at www.taraspersonalcleaning.com if you are interested in setting up an appointment for a free in home estimate. I know you won’t be disappointed with our services.


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